Bliss Clinic ; Dr Nurul Abbas Noorani

We provide below services at Bliss Clinic

OPD Service / Consultation

Dr. Noorani provides OPD Service and Consultation at Bliss Clinic at evening hours from 6:00 pm to 9:pm.

The Doctor will review the medical reports and may ask you to undergo further diagnostic evaluation/ investigations. If required the patients are either admitted or discharged or rarely stabilized and transfer to another hospital as the case may be.

Indoor Treatment

We have necessary facilities for giving treatment to patients if they requires Indoor treatment. The department acts as a good host to the patients, where they are received at the entry by ensuring comfort and urgency one requires.

The nursing staff is fully trained to provide necessary assistance to the doctor on duty to assess and provide immediate and timely medication

Indoor Admission

We have facilities also for indoor admission at Bliss clinic , which when required can be provided to the patient.

The patient is kept till initial stabilization and necessary documentation, initial blood sampling, ECG etc. has been completed. The attendants are also kept informed about the likely disease / prognosis.

Hospital Services

We have got tie- ups with SAL HOSPITAL, MEDILINK HOSPITAL and JIVRAJ MEHTA HOSPITAL which are located in few kms radius from our clinic.

Dr. Noorani is authorised from above hospitals to admit the patients in their hospital when required. Based on the disease and patients requirements we suggest the hospital to the patiets in case they required specific type of treatments.