Bliss Clinic ; Dr Nurul Abbas Noorani

We Provide Consulting and Guidance For Below Surgeries & Treatments

Pressure / Diabetes

Treatment For All Blood Pressure and Diabetic Diseases.


All treatments & surgeries related to Eye , Nose & Throat

Vascular - Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are swollen, twisted veins just under the surface of the skin

Gynec related Disorders

Guidance to Expert Gynecologists for Gynec related Disorders

Cardiac Issues

Evaluation & Treatment of all cardiac diseases.

Cosmetic surgeries

Guidance to Expert Cosmetic Surgeons acccoring to their expertsie in various cosmetic treatments and surgeries


All Type of lung sarcoidosis including Lobectomy.


All types of Abdominal Tumors & treatment.

Orthopedic surgeries

Guidance to Expert Orthopedic Surgeons acccoring to their expertsie in various orthopedic treatments and surgeries


Diseases related to Opthalmology