Bliss Clinic ; Dr Nurul Abbas Noorani

Few of our Happy Patients have shared their experience at Bliss Clinic

Mr Ahmed Bandeali, Tanzania

Undergone Treatment for Echo Cardiography and Trademill Test of Heart

Mr Anwar Merali, Nairobi

Undergone Treatment For Bypass Surgeory.

I hate going to Doctors but this was a great experience! I Hardly waited at all, the doctor was great, very friendly and very knowledgeable. He didn't waste a lot of time but got the job done! I have already recommended this facility to a couple of friends.I hope I don't need to, but I wouldn't think twice about going here in the future.

Mr Mohd Karmali, Nairobi

Evaluation & Treatment of all cardiac diseases.

My wife and I were highly impressed with your entire staff and Dr. Nurul Noorani. We have both had skads of medial experiences and this was one of the single best. I have already recommended him to my relatives and friends. I shall definietely get him more patients from other African Countries.